Dikky Dikeeros


We salute you!!!


It’s with great sadness that we say a fond farewell to our good friend and senior playmate Leslie Ellis aka Dikky Dikeeros who has just completed his earthly adventure at the tender age of 88 years young – `not one for long goodbyes, Les headed out last night into the Great Forever – or as Les liked to quote JM Barrie:

“To die will be an awfully big adventure.”

Whilst family and crew-mates alike will sorely miss him, we must revel in the fact that he left us a wonderful legacy of memories to savour and share….and in the days to come ….we will!


Thanks Les for sharing this epic journey with us!



2 responses to “Dikky Dikeeros

  1. Aw Nick, Annie and all – so sorry to hear your sad news about Les and hope you’re finding solace in the warmness you all shared together. life is for celebrating after all. was only speaking about you all to a good friend I have here, today, too. heart goes out to you. miss you all – much love x



  2. Aw, so sorry to hear this! I was honored to have met him! Condolences to his family. Love, Mary

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