MORIA* outside the camp

What is a Refugee?

Check out our latest short film “MORIA* outside the camp”based on my personal travels with the unfortunate migrants in the Med.

How many times do we pass harsh comments about people, without having any real first hand knowledge of their situation  – often choosing to take the spin of tabloid style news reports rather than investigate the truth for ourselves.

To my shame, this is where I was at five years ago, when this searching question landed at my door.

“So What is a Refugee?”

Since then I’ve received several invitations to go and see for myself what the story is like on the ground – condensing it into this short angular film “Moria”. Shooting most of it myself with extra footage supplied by Ghafoor Hussain. An exepetional individual and a true humanitarian hero who literally puts his money where is mouth is, feeding thousands of desperate human beings daily for FREE!

On my eye-opening journey to find out “What a Refugee” really is, I’ve met a small army of modern day “Good Samaritans” who thankfully have been willing to cross political and cultural divides to offer food and shelter to our fellow humans – its only when our hands are empty – we look for such people to fill them.

Towards the end of the film we pose a new thought:-

“When this fire is finally put out – these broken stones will need rebuilding back into a house”

This timely thought is exactly what broken Europe looked like and had to do after WW2.

Which begs the question – if we could put half as much integrity and capital into rebuilding than destroying then we wouldn’t have any refugees to moan about.

From a Brit perspective 

Britain stands at the threshold of a brand New future.

Rightly so she is nervous about how its all going to work out.

Will she become an impregnable negative fortress or a creative painter of Fresh Pictures in our Global village?

It’s time for the real leaders to start to lead before the unscrupulous ones (the Twisters) start to fill the vacuum.