Whats Next?

Oh, I wonder what will be on the Menu in 2016?

Yep its that time of year again folks! Looking back over key events as well as forwards, imagining what may be… Some with hopes and some without. All that said I can’t help but continue to be guided by the life changing events that began back in September 2014, with what the good book calls the Sabbatical year of rest or as its known in Hebrew – the Shemitah.

its make up your mind time in Catania

It’s ‘Make up your mind time’ in Catania

This Heavenly request was firstly for the land to be `rested` for a whole year,which in turn called for those who work the land to rest from their labours too. As you can imagine this required a huge amount of trust on the part of Joe Toil to enter into this unusual arrangement with the Real Management.

Some of our gang `resting` in the Negev desert

Some of our gang ‘resting’ in the Negev Desert

Well to cut a long story short, a few of us decided to take the ‘Gaffer’ up on his kind offer, with mind boggling repercussions, which resulted in us shooting these visionary depictions in various locations with lots of colourful people, the results are now being processed as we speak – in due course we`d love to share these finds with you all.

There’ s always opportunities to be cretive! So if you get the chance… you know what to do! But for now, here’s our Humungous ‘Inc’ desire – “Health and hope on your coming days” Le Chaim!

Aboard the Next Wave ...frying up in the Mediterranean Sea

Aboard the Next Wave frying up in the Mediterranean Sea

New horizon`s ....in the desert?

New horizon’s… In The Desert?


Don’t accept any Counterfeits!



3 responses to “Whats Next?

  1. lovely pic Nick! We’ve just had a prophetics conference with Trevor and Sharon Baker from Dudley in the UK. So you perhaps know them? I exhibited my prophetic paintings. Have a look at my face book page. Blessings, Jan

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