Gigging in Slovakia in 2003

Gigging in Slovakia, 2003

Nick’s musical passion goes way back, as a singer songwriter and percussionist with various bands.

Breakspear was officially launched in 1993 since then Nick has gone on to release six eclectic albums plus the latest double Album “Its a Feast”, aided and abetted by his talented hopos in the Inc presenting unique performances at gatherings and festivals throughout the UK and Internationally.

Here is a selection from Breakspear’s albums for your jollification.


Nick Breakspear is one of the most creative, powerfully anointed and impossible-to-classify artists currently involved in Christian music ministry. Possibly best known for this album “Fishing in the Deep” – Tony Cummings, Cross Rhythms.

Anarchic, surreal, down right weird and that’s just their costumes. But behind the rock dance experimentalists – Breakspear embodies serious spiritual intent. – Andrew Long, Cross Rhythms


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