Gigging in Slovakia in 2003

Gigging in Slovakia, 2003

Nick’s musical passion goes way back, as a singer songwriter and percussionist with various bands.

Breakspear was officially launched in 1993 since then Nick has gone on to release six eclectic albums, aided and abetted by his talented hopos in the Inc presenting unique performances at gatherings and festivals throughout the UK and Internationally.

Here is a selection from Breakspear’s albums for your jollification.


“Nick Breakspear Jones is one of the most creative, powerfully anointed and impossible-to-classify artists currently involved in Christian music ministry. Possibly best known for this album “Fishing in the Deep” – Tony Cummings, Cross Rhythms.

Anarchic, surreal, down right weird. And that’s just their costumes. But behind rock dance experimentalists Breakspear is serious spiritual intent. – Andrew Long, Cross Rhythms

One of Nick’s publicity leaflets explains how God showed him a picture in which he caught hold of a spear in full flight and snapped it across his knee. God told him this was “a daring act”. I asked Nick to expand on this story.

“In 1991 I’d been over in Romania with a local christian band,when we came back I had this overwhelming feeling that I shouldn’t go back to my work as a chef and that I should go out into the world and take God’s light and shine it around. I shared this with my wife and we prayed about it and it began to increase.”

Nick began to seek opportunities and applied to various organisations like NGM and Youth For Christ but soon came to believe that God did not want him to join a pre-existent group but rather to initiate the work himself. The notion of a one-man show came together and Nick was prompted to contact Matt Wanstall, ex of 65dBA, with the intention of putting together some backing tracks.

“I wrote to Matt, who was living in Bromley, and I told him that I believed God was giving me the ‘now’ message for the ‘now’ people and I needed the ‘now’ music and he was really excited about this and believed it was of God. As it turned out he was due to start a three year course in Salford which is right near where I live.”

A quick scan of song titles like “Banana Songa” and “YDH…T…BAB” is further evidence. Indeed, humour is a large part of Breakspear’s show. When the mighty oracle of CCM, old Greybeard, reviewed ‘Fling’ he described it as “A madcap, surreal musical journey – a dizzying musical soundscape.” But despite the humorous presentation each song has serious points to make and a strongly evangelistic content. The comic blues “Dry Bones” for instance is a plea for revival, and “JB’s Talkin'” is an in-character song about John the Baptist’s message. Which brings me to the aforementioned “Banana Songa”, a crazy, zany circus of a song in which Nick assumes various characters and which is actually about being “bananas” for Jesus.

“Bananas are a big feature at our gigs,” says Nick, as if that’s the most natural thing for a musician to say. “Toffee bananas,” he continues. “We usually lob hundreds of them into the audience; it’s a bit of an assault coming to one of our gigs.”

A Breakspear show must be an audiovisual delight, a feast of music and theatre and fun which all would enjoy. If they come to your area don’t miss them, I’m certainly looking forward to catching a gig. After all, you don’t even need to take a bag of sweets with you!

Andrew Long, Cross Rhythms



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