Nick in cameraWelcome to the visionary world of Nick Breakspear and his prophetic Art ensemble `Breakspear Inc` Nick along with his company of fluid members have been creating unique productions around the globe for over two decades, working predominantly in the area of live conceptual performance, drawing on the rich ‘Judeo / Christo Mystery plays’ of yore!

In recent times they’ve been exploring a more indigenous approach to reading life’s events – through listening to what the elements around us are saying – Cause Man isn’t the only one who can speak!

Heavenly pictures painted here on Earth with a contemporary zesty twist!

Independently self-funded, the resourceful crew create each project from scratch, producing bespoke scripts ,soundscapes, props, costumes, special effects in fact whatever it takes to paint the proverbial picture, finally with massive help from the guys at Shooters Media who gift wrap this madcappary in film as a documented public resource.

Breakspear’s latest cutting-edge project ‘Jerusalem or Bust’ is a powerful and inspiring cinematic journey.

nick drums

Breakspear performing at Festival Lumen – one of the biggest open-air gospel music festivals in Central Europe.

Filmed in some of the world’s most picturesque locations, this charming story begins with a significant conversation in Old Jerusalem – between a young rabbi and his followers, requesting they take his message to the ends of the earth – which they did – but what happened next?

We pick up this prophetic tale in the Lancashire market town of Rochdale where a work a day restaurant chef gets the whiff of a tasty aroma – ‘something he’s never smelt before’ – an amazing venture ensues as he and others search for the source of a divine banquet… But the Big question is who’s doing the cooking?

If truth be told it’s a wedding banquet… the Bridegroom is coming… looking for his bride! Something’s cookin’ in the kitchen… Something I never smelt before!

Hire Breakspear to perform, direct or consult on your creative project. Use the Contact Page to get in touch.

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