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Special… But not Unique

Indigenous people along with nosey parkers around the globe – put great store in such off beat encounters as the Hoopoe sightings – they consider these really precious moments worthy of attention.

Recently I heard an interview on BBC radio about how a Bowerbird seduced Germaine Greer into buying 50 hectares of rainforest in Queensland Australia. Here she tells of a lifetime’s project.

Hoopoe - RILEYThe White Beech

The Bowerbird section can be heard from 9:00 – 12:15

My tangled mess of paradise 

More threads


In Peter Sis’ book The Conference of the Birds, we hear from another hoopoe bird who addresses his cohorts, saying :-

Look at the troubles happening in our world!
Anarchy — discontent — upheaval!
Desperate fights over territory, water, and food!
Poisoned air! Unhappiness!
I fear we are lost. We must do something!
I’ve seen the world. I know many secrets.
Listen to me: I know of a king who has all the answers.
We must go and find him.

Part One

Part Two

… and the Feathers continue to fly


Check out master percussionist Tom Teasley along with the cast of Conference of the Birds


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