BUY NOW! ‘Jerusalem or Bust’ & ‘It’s A Feast!’

Breakspear Inc opens online shop to help fund creative projects. The Etsy-shop will stock Breakspear’s back-catalogue of musical albums as well as the unconventional road-trip adventure ‘Jerusalem or Bust’ DVD and the BRAND NEW double-disc album ‘It’s A Feast!’.

Breakspear celebrates producing films and music for over 25 years and now has a one-stop-shop where supporters can purchase everything under one roof.

“Purchasing Breakspear Inc products online is a great way to support our creative exploits. Using the shop is the perfect way to get involved. – and you’ll receive something tangible in return, lovingly made by us! We operate as a not-for-profit – self-funding outfit; so your generous gifts help immensely towards production expenses – such as travel, accommodation, studio time and screening events. All donations warmly welcomed.”

Even more products are coming soon, such as the first feature film ‘Valerie’s Orchard’ and a clothing range – including branded T-shirts, hoodies and caps.

The anticipated release of the Jerusalem or Bust DVD includes special features, such as an audio-commentary with Nick Breakspear and Producer Dave Baker.

The motion picture soundtrack album ‘It’s A Feast!’ engineered by Andy Green at Cornerhouse productions includes special bonus tracks, featuring Hoopoe and Prodi-Girl with Elaine Hanley.

To browse the new online shop visit the Jerusalem or Bust website at


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