Lunchtime in Athens


Beggars can’t be choosers

If their for real?
However …if you do put you’re hand in your pocket?
Then they’ll take whatever you give?

They? ….you know…them!

The eyesore …….The sty on society’s shiny sophisticated streets

Streets that some of our fellow citizens would have them ~~ washed away by the municipal sweeper.                          Him the faceless sweeper ~ who cleans away the garbage and dogshit from our ornate cobbled - stones.
Keep it neat* Keep it neat *Keep it neat

Swept away.....from eyes....that see.
Cause we don’t want to see …..anything!!!!!

For a small percentage – some of “these on the street”.. …It’s a cultural-lifestyle-choice. Playing at being regurgitated hippies – “opting out to be in”.                Maybe for a season – taking a year out (Like I did many, many summers ago)

While others have lost limbs in life’s unfairly tossed 🎲

Then there’s the exodus – the great migration Western Tourist time – meets refugee flee/flea Flowing North All the way,,,,,, from war bashed East

Today the sun is shinning on modern day Athens

It`s the same place the gods walked – in times longpast – up to the Acropolis to be worshiped by the adoring hoards ….hail hail they then cried..Has now turned too ‘ale ale’ FTSE infanticide?

Two wrongs don’t make a Pythagoras right me thinks?

Im relaxing at the chic pavement cafe – eating a delightful lunch, engaged in pleasant conversation with my scouse friend Ian.

Until the beggar interrupts – with her bleating. She’s holding a snot nosed kid – whilst simultaneously eyeballing me –  she points three fingers at the kid                                                         “Please, please mister….please…for ‘d’ baby”

Huh! I protest..[so embarrassed …trying not to make eye contact!]                                                       Hey….I’m eating…I’m trying to eat …tut tut!

   Go away!    

    (really don’t these people understand not to beg while your eating?)

Suddenly the scene is interrupted by the residue waft of a past conversation ~~“Even the dogs get to eat the crumbs that fall from the masters table.. 

…says the SyroPhoenician woman”


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