The Game

What could the game teach us?

[Proverbial thoughts]

Mmmmm?….I do like a bit of footy from time to time.

However after watching the hype surrounding that recent high profile match, it felt like I was observing a bunch of tribulationists speculate their pre, post, mid theories. Both parties sporty and religious know exactly how to talk up their own game, trying to entice the undeciders onto their team.Yep, you can train and train, even attract powerful sponsorship.But whatever the hopeful protestations…                                                                                  the proof will always err out – in the puddings eating. This is the only deciding factor in that truth-filled moment as it lands on the table -everyone gets to know whether or not those sure fired bets – taste sweet or sour!

In life’s pernicious game of unreality vs reality of counting chickens before they’ve hatched. There ain’t no fixed outcomes – unless the dice has been loaded

Begging the question – will we still love them, on the morning after?

This is a very good place for licking wounds and steeling ourselves for the ultimate finale

Beware supporters!…those men at work… are not gods.







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