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East – Rest first popped up a couple of weeks ago, whilst onboard the Next Wave tall ship, where we were filming scenes for Jerusalem or Bust. One day fellow sojourner Paul ‘Sparralegs’ Saxon picked up a lonely guitar and started noodling around some chords –  suddenly my ears were tweaked by this catchy musical hook breaking through the salty Mediterranean airwaves –  instinctively I responded by singing out a nifty new chorus “Were going east to Jerusalem in this Shemitah year”

..It`s begun……..

A few days later I had a vivid dream, which contained the rest of the song, along with some inspiring observations offered by our very own scribbler David Baker – since then we`ve been able to record the full track at Cornerhouse studios with maestro Andy Green… and now it can be heard by one and all!

Lyrically it speaks about the need to ‘rest’ – balanced with a weather eye on the clicking calendar, as it counts down to the end of this current biblical Shemitah year.

It is with this urgency in mind that we ask for your help!

For the past seven years Breakspear Inc have been led through all sorts of hooks dreams and visions toward our finale jigsaw piece, that is Jerusalem Or Bust  scheduled for filming in Israel this September – more than a dozen brand new songs and scripts have already been written in preparation to tell this important prophetic story – a voice of hope for our time – spoken into an increasingly hope-less world

As the final chorus of the song says:-

“He said it – I believe it – even though I don’t know how he`s gonna do it”

This is so true – especially as our production budget costs for this project stand at £26,000 .Whilst this figure is considerable it`s not a lot in filming terms. Nevertheless it is totally beyond our tiny pockets at this moment in time... as we are skint… So it`s going to be very interesting to see how `He does it`…maybe with a little help from our friends – we will see?


Many hands….bringing aboard the repaired Next Wave sail boom

We do what we do and you do what you do Because we can’t do what you do and vice versa But together we facilitate what the Lover wants to do for the return of His Beloved

Please take time to listen to ‘East – Rest’ and find out more about the bigger story in our latest blog Dream News: Shemitah and the Bridegroom

Please visit our Donations page and “do what you do” to help paint this picture and be a voice for those who want to see and hear

Thank you and Shalom

Nick Breakspear and the Inc


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