Another Bride!

Where are they going?

Friends of the bride SA 07

Following on with the ‘Bridegroom’ theme, I was sifting through some old photographs the other day, snaps I’d taken on a trip to South Africa in 2007.

They reminded me of a really special day out we had at the stunningly beautiful Kirstenbosch botanical gardens in Cape Town.

As the day drew to a close, we began to make our way toward the exit gate, weaving through a maze of small gardens; we turned a corner into a secluded area, where we stumbled across a party of wedding goers.

Drawn like moths to a flame, we were pulled inquisitively into the joyful celebrations unfolding before our very eyes – seemingly a private doo – but in a very public space – after taking this picture I turned to my friends and whispered this odd phrase that seemed somehow to fit the occasion.

“Do you know who we are?

We are friends of the Bridegroom”

Like good donkeys who love strawberries we just followed the bride and her handmaidens into the adjoining garden where the bridegroom was waiting for her in the Chuppah (that’s a Jewish marriage canopy) what a tantalising vision we’d happened upon – because this was a Jewish wedding.

Viewing the above image eight years on, how strikingly reminiscent of The Bride episode I had experienced last October in Jerusalem.

I sense that this is yet another reminder of the bigger picture, of a Bride being prepared to go into the Chuppah – Marriage Canopy to meet her long awaited beloved.

Looking at this next picture with all the close family, relatives and friends gathered together, who are now joined by a crowd of total strangers, including some Gentile gatecrashers – us.

Everybody wanted to be there – atracted by this sundazzled event. Everyone wanting to catch a glipse – to take a fleeting snapshot or just hold a heart-memory of a Bride & Bridegroom – becoming one – it’s all a bit of a mystery and I can’t help but be reminded of what the ancient scriptures have to say concerning the “all time Lover of Man’s soul”.

“Every eye will see him”

Copy of Kirstenboch wedding Chuppah SA 07

These graphic reminders are yet another confirmation of what Breakspear Inc have set out to create in their artistic interpretation they call `Jerusalem or Bust`

Prophetic pictures – to us help navigate turbulent times

Wedding ring Jewish wedding ring – inscription reads:-“I am my beloved`s and my beloved is mine”

“Oh the Bridegroom is coming…..
…….and He`s looking for His Bride”



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