Clean Slate

Time to say….

The Breakspear vault continues to give up it’s treasures – both new and old. Here’s a segment from an earlier track entitled Bye Bye

Slate 1

But I hear that second chances are all the rage on earth
Please forgive me if I have ever hurt you… and I’ll do the same for you

Time to say bye bye, angel wings are fluttering down from the sky

So here is my final prayer for you my fellow crushed olives…
Store up lots of holy oil for the bride.
Help her to keep her lamps trimmed, burning so bright,
Burning like a landing strip…in the middle of the night.

All round the world bonfire beacons burning what a sight.
Like a string of kosher pearls adorning the neck of a beautiful bride
…she’s getting married to the lover of life, up in Yerushaliam!
Cause the Bridegrooms flyin in, with a cargo of honey dipped Shalom!

Guess who it’s for?

It’s all for you` sweetie pie` you’re the apple of his eye!

Sarah Saxon on location Mount of Olives Jerusalem

Sarah`Shep` Saxon on location Mount of Olives Jerusalem

 Bye Bye is the final track on Breakspear’s In Pursuit of Tal 2005 album. (The lyrics above begin at 01:18)


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