Sud 0

*Custard Pie Chucking Choir*

Are you up for a bit of fun? Then release your – inner kid – and help us complete our pioneering film adventure? Sunday October 4th in Rossendale area – 2:30 – 4:30. Location to be announced next week on Facebook!

Suds 4u

Sudz 2Bring a towel, water and change of clothes – [sorry no changing facilities available]

Oh` and plenty of humour!!!!
… 0h, and there will be sudz!


One response to “Sudz

  1. he heeeeeeeeeeeeeee – this is great man, thanks for your invite. pretty sure i can’t make it for then, would have loved it – Gilly and Lita too. unless we hired a car for the day. leave it with me. mad busy for me here – got to finish a book that could save the world from financial crisis (i kid ye not, no i can;t believe it either, but realistically, it could almost immediately), making a film of an artist’s stunning unique work set to gloppaddagloppadda music, live, for phenomenal 2week annual arts festival next year, (you must come down sometime if you can make it) accompanying short documentary about the artist at work, 2 websites to finish, 5 gloppaddagloppadda albums including forthcoming ‘Hypnagogia’ (from movie) to release. hey dude – i’ve been thinking – i am away from Dec through February this year and they say it’s going to be a doosie of a winter, but here will probably be the mildest and it is the sunshine coast. if you have time, why not think about coming and staying for a few weeks with Annie – you are one of the few people i would entrust the safety and upkeep of this place with Nick. (which is minimal in labour 2 hrs to clean the entire flat) Lita will be popping down at some point for a few days so i could work it for her to give you the keys, or leave mine somewhere for you. worth thinking about. there is live music here right through winter and numerous venues per night. heating should not be an issue though i don’t have my central heating working and only a couple of small portable oil filled rads. you could bring yours from the study and i’m sure it be fine. all i’d have to cover is leccy, gas and water costs, (£45.80) for which i’d leave you the cards and instructions – projector for use with 3000 movies etc (though i don’t know how you’d sift through them). i keep this place spotless Nick though i still have a lot of covered boxes about in the bedroom yet. please let me know how you feel about it. Hastings is one of the funkiest places in the UK and fascinating curio and boutique shops, bars, cafes etc. there is also 1st monday of each month ‘Shooters at the pub’ meetup of local film makers – i’m going to St Leonards annual film festival tonight. anyway a few things to chew on but it’d be a delight to do something for you both, for all the love you’ve shared with me. and i’m hoping this Spain thing will be my annual retreat to avoid the worst rhinitis. (you could join me in Almunecar in february if you wished, i have a 1-bedroom apartment). catch you later and best pie-filled wishes (oh yeah, i’m on dairy-free diet!) x

    Date: Fri, 25 Sep 2015 09:14:43 +0000 To:


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