Apples n Honey

A Big Hearty Thanks

A big hearty thanks to all our generous supporters who helped us make the Jerusalem or Bust Israel filming trip a fabulous reality!


Aboard the Next Wave production crew singing… On the High Seas

 The culmination of a seven year journey “Yeshua said it – we believed it – even though we didn`t know how He was going to do it – He did it”. Filled with wide-eyed stretching steps called – Faith Hope and Love

Shoshy Maayan - literally a voice in the wilderness

Shoshy Maayan – literally a voice in the wilderness

We travelled to the desert to experience its terrain, and found that we had been.Lured by the one who calls His beloved into the wilderness… that He may speak to her.

Desert guide, Arthur du Mosch shares hidden gems from `Ba Midbar`

Tons o’tales to tell in the coming days…

A Box of Honeyed Delights

A Box of Honeyed Delights

In the meantime here`s a little story to wet your whistle!…..just before we set off on our latest adventure to Israel, we received a box of ‘Honeyed Delghts’ from our bee keeping friends the `Dekker family` in the Netherlands. So unexpected – yet so timely

Dutch honey may seem like a bit of an odd gift to take to the land of milk and honey, nevertheless this golden gift was graciously given, and we were really delighted to be its couriers, carrying it all the way from the UK to the Hebrew festival of Rosh HaShanna better known as the `Jewish New Year`. At this particular feast the traditional greeting is to dip slices of crunchy apple into liquid honey – then offer it to your neighbour wishing them “Shana Tova u’metukah” (שָׁנָה טוֹבָה וּמְתוּקָה) meaning “have a good and sweet year.”

Whilst honey is more commonly known as an edible food it also contains medicinal properties – which have been used for centuries to heal burns and wounds. The symbolism and timeliness of this sweet gift is not hidden, me thinks, especially in this war torn region, as well as the rest of our embittered world. No doubt we will be hearing more about this natural product used in a super/natural way in the final edit! [For now here`s a little re-working of psalm 133]

Oh, how good and pleasant it is when brothers and sisters dwell in unity …it’s like honey poured down on the head on the feet of those who hear His heart beat!

To find out more how you can be part of this extraordinary musical adventure get in touch via our contact form or if you like what we do – please support us by visiting our donations page



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