Island to Island

First I must make my way to the Isle they call ‘Holy’. Lindisfarne bathing in the chilly North Eastern Sea. Then overland to Scotland’s west coast with its Atlantic crashing waves. A last minute surprise it was, and still is…

Treasures of the Island

Treasures of the Island

Surprise Surprise!!!  I suppose that’s why we are consistently surprised by surprises! Come away, come away, come away with me my love.

Got to go – put water between us – its such an ancient well sodden theme. Like the luna pull of salty tidal currents a force far greater than our own bids… will Ye Go Lassie?

Cross over, cross over to the other side. This time its little Iona with her big hearted beat, she’s been sending out her love song in these islands for centuries. Now it’s my time to listen …and take a leaf from her wild goose beak

Out with some of my fellow wave makers - photo by Clive Hicks

Out with some of my fellow wave makers – photo by Clive Hicks

Looking back…

I feel very humbled by the generosity of this unexpected retreat and those who made it happen – strange I didn’t think that I needed to retreat, mmm!

But with the beauty of hindsight, it’s obvious I did. Don’t suppose we ever think that we are in need of reverse advancement  – until we are divinely ambushed… that.

We get a glimpse of the proverbial trees – practically speaking I was skint, having not long since returned from our filming foray to Israel, so I wasn’t looking in this direction at all… but evidently someone else had very different ideas!

Our heavenly Abba the One who watches over us relentlessly, he knows far better than we do – what we really need… he had a few new things to show my fellow sojourners and I on the island of dreams…so it was time to off road and on with the boots, a time to repair, dust off and re-member ‘Mis en Place’ is still on the books.

Fresh Vistas await both seen and unseen

This unexpected outing was truly made possible by two of ‘the Mangements’earthly pilgrims, Andy Raine from Lindisfarne, a deftly tuned man to Daddies divine frequencies, called me up – right out of the blue with a ‘long shot’ request – was I available to go to the Isle of Iona in two days time – sadly a lady called Elizabeth (someone I’ve never met but in time hope to meet) she wasn’t able to make the trip due to a family bereavement – so she offered her place to me, a total stranger connected only by our elder brothers benevolence.

Wow! Thank you so much kind lady for sharing your bounty with the likes of me – know that your gracious blessing was well spent and is already repaying heavenly dividends!

The Shemitah continues to speak!

I’m still unpacking and trying to fathom this special island hopping excursion – but what is patently clear, the ‘Jerusalem or Bust’ script – the one I thought was coming to a conclusion ! Has definitely got ‘new pages’ to be Writ !!…….catch you all later…..



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