5,000 a day

It’s not a food truck. It’s a mobile kitchen feeding refugees around Europe.

A couple of months ago, I read a very interesting post on Facebook that literally stopped me in my tracks!

Ghafoor Hussain and crew outside the Community Welfare Trust bus

Ghafoor Hussain and crew member outside the Community Welfare Trust bus

What an inspiring story about a bunch of Brits, spearheaded by vehicle mechanic Ghafoor Hussain and his mates transformed an old bus into a mobile kitchen. Once complete, Hussain with a little help from his friends have been using this facility to feed at least 5000 refugees – every day – for FREE!

This fantastic initiative really lifted my spirit, sparking me to write a little musical ditty called “5000 a day” – you can hear it (also for FREE!) here :-

The idea behind this Breakspear Inc track is to offer folks an opportunity to get involved in this humanitarian project by downloading the track for a small donation.

Your donations will help purchase much needed supplies to feed these hungry folk fleeing persecution. All for the “Cost of a Cuppa” – £2.00


For larger donations go direct to the Community Welfare Trust

Yorkshire Bank
Sort code: 05 09 36.
Account No. 9638023

Please support these guys and the great job they are doing for these unfortunate fellow human beings.

Check out the real picture on the ground in this short video


In these soul sad PC days

People seem to be steadily withdrawing to their own particular safety camp – be they cultural, political or religious. Nevertheless I find brave stories like Ghafoors so refreshing to hear, individuals who are actually going against the flow, in the opposite direction to the masses – back towards who we all essentially are – first and foremost – Human beings.

If we forget this, we forget who we really are, making any high held principles we may have – Worthless!

It’s time to act  and do something – even if its not for this project – do something for someone else – something kind – without any payback, just because we can. We can make a difference and maybe remind someone and ourselves that we are all human too.


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