Painting a Fresh Picture


You’ve probably never heard of ‘Balagan’ but no doubt have experienced it!  This odd sounding Persian word first originated in the Semitic world thousands of years ago – over time it travelled all the way across to Russia before returning full circle back to the Middle East.

Balagan literally means chaos and mess and it’s very popular today – especially in the Mediterranean!

"New arrivals" Lesvos, Greece. photo Gladstone Lucas

“New arrivals” Lesvos, Greece. photo courtesy of Gladstone Lucas                 

Thankfully there is an antidote – it`s called PEACE!

Enter the Light

It’s been a strange old year so far, one that began just before Christmas 2015, when I was driving home late one pitch dark night. As I turned into the valley of Rossendale where I live, I was suddenly confronted by a bright beam of light shinning out horizontally from one side of the valley to the other – piercing the void in-between. I couldn’t quite see where the source of this glow was coming from, but my immediate reaction to this brightness – was to shout out loud!!!

“Christ is the light….Shinning in the darkness”


Well, I didn’t have to look very far as the news headlines were ‘choker full’ of content. War, War and even more War, all over the Middle East and beyond. People fleeing for their lives, looking for a place of safety – looking for refuge – because that’s what Refugees do! They think that they are going to find it – by crossing the perilous Mediterranean Sea.

Now this may seem totally crazy from the perspective of a warm comfy armchair. But these folks were crazy enough to hope and just maybe find a place of peace in a war-free caring Europe.

Nick Breakspear & Dave Baker at the mountain of spent life jackets. Lesvos, Greece 2016

Nick Breakspear & Dave Baker on a scouting expidition at the mountain of spent life jackets. Lesvos, Greece 2016

As a result of this profound experience I found myself penning a brand new song I entitled Uncreated Light. It turned out to be more of an audio prayer, I suppose it was an attempt to somehow try and get my head round the terrible events taking place in the Med.

Their story captured my heart, it’s a grim story – in this case expressed through the journey of one person – who’s shared voice can be heard repeatedly by those escaping the violence of war.

Please take time to listen – for FREE!

Please download this track and DONATE to this worthy cause.

As I said earlier, it has been a strange old year that hasn’t let up – this track UnCreated Light was followed by another unusual encounter that produced yet another ditty – on the same theme titled “5000, a day”, a song about a Muslim mechanic called `Ghafoor Hussain` from Sunderland UK, who was feeding 5,000 refugees a day in Dunkirk France for Free! So this Christian guy (me) was inspired to write and record a song about this guys ‘good works’ a bit like the story of the `Good Samaritan` when the audience where asked “So who was his neighbour”?

I know this is starting to sound like one of those old music hall jokes with a smutty punch line, but there isn’t one! Apart from trying to raise some much needed cash to help fund a few more meals for hungry humans. [Our neighbour]

It’s been like a crazy game of Snakes & Ladders, you know the game, where you have to throw a 6 to start, and so on…

Well that’s how it’s been since I responded to the “light shinning in the darkness” doors mysteriously opened to travel to the refugee camps on the Greek island of Lesvos, with fellow sojourner Dave Baker where we met first hand those people who I had previously been inspired to write about.

So many new tales to tell… but they will just have to wait for another episode.

I am your safety net

"I am your safety net" By South African artist - Janis Ann Lane.

“I am your safety net” – By South African artist – Janis Ann Lane

Our desire is that this story might enable you to form your own petition for these unfortunates as well as for yourselves before – “The One who shines in the darkness.”

Written and presented by Nick Breakspear | Soundscape by Andy Green at Cornerhouse Productions UK | Artwork “I am your safety net” by Janis Ann Lane – Cape Town | ‘Mother Hen` narration by Martha Jasmine Raine, Lindisfarne.

“UnCreated Light” is now available as a download To find out more how you can be part of this extraordinary musical adventure get in touch via our contact form or if you like what we do – please support us by visiting our donations page


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