…. its stock taking time again!!!

Lots of ups and downs – births and deaths! Life’s great cycle keeps on turning and `The Inc` kept on reaping wherever the Wonderwind blew us ~

January – Uncreated Light

IMG_0752 copy

The year kicked off with “Uncreated Light”a heartfelt prayer for the refugees caught up in the Mediterranean Crisis!!!!!!

March – Beauty for Ashes


This short music video was created, as a tribute for our friend “Poppy” who sadly died aged 43. Such a sad yet uplifting project to be a part of, made the richer with lots of help from “Poppy`s” friends in Rochdale – Thanks again!


April –  Dunkirk

The so called”Jungle” was the literal beachhead where Ghafoor Hussain set up shop and fed 5,000 souls a day for free! This gave rise to the track by that name 5,000 a day


May – Rochdale Champness Hall



The ‘Inc’ presented Breakspear’s Banquet a foodie feast to tantilse the the taste buds and the spirit!                                                  At the time we spoke of this event being akin to a ‘metophorcal dress rehearsal’. But what we didn’t realise, was that this culinary picture, was actually a ‘dry run’ for something far more graphic, soon to be revealed just around the corner in January 2017 – watch out for updates!!


June – Lesvos

Saw us travel to the Mediterranean Island of Lesvos, back aboard the `Next Wave` tall ship, to see first hand the overwhelming refugee crisis unfold. Words cannot express what we encountered there. Maybe in the days to come I will post a personal blog on our finds.

"New arrivals" Lesvos, Greece. photo Gladstone Lucas

“New arrivals” Lesvos, Greece. photo Gladstone Lucas










September – Lindisfarne

To film the enigmatic Andy Raine, on the blissful Holy isle




October – Iona   More filming with the delightful `Celt` that is  … Andy Raine, this time on the mystical island of Iona.



November – Israel                                                                                                                                                           It was a quick home stop, to pick up fresh provisions – and we were back in Jerusalem recording `JOB` soundtrack vocals with Shoshy Mayaan at KKCJ studios, before heading down to the Negev desert to capture more scenes with Shoshy and her gifted artisan `Abba` Baruch Mayaan

Cosy in the cleft

Cosy in the cleft

Shoshy and her lovely studio assistant Dave Baker

Shoshy and her lovely studio assistant Dave Baker

Baruch in `make up`

Baruch in `make up`

our "Livingstone"






If birds can fly, then why can`t I

If birds can fly, then why can`t I



December – After a `chance encounter` with a young volunteer we met on the flight home, who inspired a new Advent offering called “Buckle Up” <Check it out on Soundcloud>

Gate 84 - Ben Gourin airport >homeward bound

Finally the year took its toll on our little crew. As we saluted the passing of senior playmate Les Ellis a.k.a. `Dikky Dikeeros` aged 88 years young – it just isn’t gonna be the same without ya!

Final thought of the year

“If we don’t bring in the harvest at the given time

Then the precious bounty will be lost”.

Hope to see you next year at the revealing of “Jerusalem or Bust”                                                                  Health and Peace to thee & thine ~~~                                                                                                                          ~~~From all the Breakspear Inc crew



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