Cape Town Report

The Real Thing!

In the words of Bobby Dylan –

Where have you been my blue eyed son,
and what have you seen my darling young one”

img_0743Well Nick Breakspear and Dave Baker have just returned from their latest filming foray for the Jerusalem or Bust project to South Africa, where they traveled to record a friends wedding. This beautiful celebration was held at the stunning vineyard winery of Schoongezicht, a well named Dutch venue that literally means “Perfect vista” which turned out to be a massive hint of what was to come, strikingly so as we stood there sun drenched under a cloudless sky, we couldn’t help but be blown away by the profound picture unfolding before us – woven through this common enough ceremony was a glimpse into an anticipated future event – what the ancient scriptures refer to as the Wedding Feast of the Lamb.

Now what I’m about to say will no doubt sound quite a bit wacko to some readers, nevertheless in this future wedding banquet the beloved is referred to as the “Bride of Christ” – which incidentally is a collective term for those who have responded to the wooing of the Divine lover – “Jesus himself” – calling them to be His alone – for He is the One known as the Bridegroom.

What follows are a few standout details that we thought were worth sharing

Its ….ALL about THE DRESS folks!
* What is this dress?
* What is it made of?
* What is it for?


This visionary painting entitled Dress Rehearsal was created by our South African friend – prophetic artist Janis Ann Lane – the dress is part of her celebrated “Fishes of Men – Vessels” series < click image to enlarge and view details >

The dress – metaphorically speaking is an earthly illustration of a higher spiritual reality.

* Firstly for the wearer to be clothed in – secondly as an observed model walking on the catwalk of life. A refreshing alternative picture for these extraordinary times in which we live.This intriguing garment is made up of honourable component parts – although some of these off cut pieces have been discarded by the mainstream as worthless remnants of a bygone era, nevertheless these little bits of choice schmatter are highly prized in the ‘Master Tailors’ eyes as….Exceptional fabric, because they are woven from the wearers own virtuous acts of worship.

Celeste Haute Couture

High fashion for the must have wearer – who desires to attend the ‘Wedding banquet of the Lamb.

This specifically designed outfit is created from down-to-earth acts, that the Heavenly designer – the Father of the Bridegroom has shown the “Bride to be” in his fabulous pattern book. Like Jesus’mother Mary who said to the servants at the Wedding feast in Cana, when the wine ran out.”Do whatever He tells you.”

Mise en place >French culinary phrase – meaning > “everything in its place.”


Make your material path straight

Smooth out the rough places
Draw down the high things
Bind up the crushed olives
Cover the naked
Rebalance the scales

“Cause the Bridegroom is coming and he’s looking for his Bride
….. Where are you my lovely …
Where are you?
..come away, come away with me …my beautiful one”

Now is the time to get changed – get ready
You hold the raw fabric in your hands
The tape measure is out!
So start sewing Girls!…..and Guys!
Cease being stingy
Now is the time to cast off that old – I can’t – sackcloth of poverty thing!
And put on the new dress ….there’s gonna be a party….like none before!

The upside down is being turned the right way up
PEOPLE GET READY ……the Bridegroom is coming!!!!
Lots more to be poured out in the days to come, when we’ve juiced and distilled our fruit haul – especially the kindness of strangers  – who have become new friends on this incredible journey.


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  1. Nick. That is just fantastic..mise en. Its just the best ever word.

    Carol x

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