Surreal fun
“Cookin in the kitchen”


: Location – Champness Hall Rochdale UK

: Jerusalem or Bust – the film adventure continues!





As you can see ~ we had yet another Fun ~Tastic playing out day! Which included a surprise 60th birthday celebration for fellow sojourner Dave Baker

Massive thanks to Shooters Media – Cop and Sparx for capturing the days shenanigans
Along with Thea Soltau (choreographer) who managed to wrangle our delightful Kitchen cast into cutting some sassy moves.


Lunch – Keep the creatives happy!

photo-11-02-2017-12Hats off to you guys ~ in alphabetical order

Dave Baker – Bongo
Kelvin Campbell – Bass Wrangler
Joan Deane – Cook / 2nd plate spinner
Andy Green – Keys (both types)
Esther Jones – Cook / 1st plate spinner
Prem Joseph – Kit and Caboodlelist
Sam Rees – Trombone Rasper
David Woodman – Maitre D’ / Resonator

… last but deffo not least photo-11-02-2017-9

… we had a special guest appearance from the ‘Divine songstress ‘Elaine Hanley` who travelled all the way from San Francisco USA to play her part in the kitchen….such dedication to madcappery!


Graphics by Griff



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