How much of this is real?
How much of this is self propagation?
Like an artist - with his doting muse
That moment - when the light is just right
The finger hovers over the button
and it's yeah baby ...yeah baby
Give me more, give....
and the shutter clicks

Mmmm.... really

So what`s the big picture
Is what were seeing really... it
Especially news feed
Sanitised, desensitised
Chopped and minced - for our daily consumptive hit
Washed down with the evening meal ....and a moan
While some shady finger hovers over a switch in the gallery console
And it's yeah baby... yeah baby
Give me more... give me
Then it clicks... the shutter mechanism clicks
Society’s entire focus has been sucked into some enormous distorted lens

<Insert your own focus>

It's like we've become 3D caricatures
In dizzy`s latest cartoon
Complete with squeaky voices
Oh yeah! Heheh... Huh!!.... mmmm!
I'll wear that crazy yellow hairdo ::: and stick it online
Not if I get the blue one first... says who?
And some shady finger ~ hovers over a graphic mouse
and it's yeah baby... Yeah baby
Give me more ~ give me... Me!

Did you hear that click?!

That shutter blade click //// On the cutting room floor?
Life's becoming a green screen
Increased accidents ~ are on the up
as we sleep walk into objects
Standing <blatantly> right in front of us DAN-=-gEr!
but... we're oblivious to the hand that's feeding the mice
And it's yeah baby... yeah baby
Give em more...


Then it clicks... The shutter blade clicks
And the meecies... Are meecies no more!!


Happy April first all… this ain’t a joke…
Keep being the right sort of fools!!


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