Like a sneeze! It fired out of the ground… >>>> Zaraphrath!! Yeah… Zaraphrath!!

Ancient ancient place ~ where the earth turns molten
"Its a Smelting place"
And we like heat seeking Eskimos are drawn
>>>> zooming to its brilliance
Eternally nosey I suppose
'Cause we want to see...
The gurgling Liquefaction ~~ first hand
Boiling up from unseen depths
Podoosh verrr splat gloopoosh!!!
Sold Rocks suddenly incredibly gloop
Into rivers of liquid gold
The learned call it "Magma flow."
But all I know is I'm hungry...
And instead of a bare cupboard...
I see oil and flour being mushed
Mmmmmm yummy!
That's all we need to make a cake!
something tasty for tonight's tea to eat!
Zaraphrath ancient ancient smelting place
The place where the earth opens...
And gives up its jewels

Zaraaaaaa… phrath!! <try it  for size> Zaraaaaaa….phrath!!



<Margret River re~remembered>


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