Finders Keepers

This is our end of year offering… marking a decade of dreamy projects! In it we take a tiny peep at what Nick Breakspear saw and shot as he bumped around the Mediterranean / Celtic islands – rubbing shoulders and sharing stories with fellow freedom seekers – many of them refugees fleeing war-torn memories. At its core is a bluesy rendition of “John the revelators” vision of a white stone – written long ago whilst in chains on the isle of Patmos.

Intrigued by this cryptic token Nick ponders what it could all mean…

“How on earth did John’s message – reach us in our far flung islands?”

This playful yet poignant collage of reflection was delightfully made possible, through the big-hearted-kid-like contribution of fellow playmates from the Celtic “House of John”, on one of our yearly outings to the Isle of Iona.

Stand out roles must go to John Nelson of Kells and Lindisfarne’s very own Andy Raine….who added so much extra to the stew!

Edited by The Sparx at Shooters Media | Recorded at Cornerhouse Studios by Andy Green + shiny guitars by David”Thax Woodman”

If you appreciate its sentiment  PLEASE make a DONATION to those supporting healers – who help the hurting



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