Leviticus 25: REVISITED

<- Breakspear Inc 2020 version ->

This is what the Management says to His "peeps"

When you enter the land
Remember?...“The one I promised ya?”
Well, here’s the deal

You can work it...for six years
Plant yer fields
Tend yer vines
Harvest yer crops

But when the seventh year comes around
The entire estate is to take a rest
That includes you..Yep you
...the ones who work the land..
...are to take a rest too
Like I did in the beginning

Your going to have to trust me on this one "peeps"
Trust me... to look after you...

And all the good"peeps"cried ARRRRGH!!!

Yalla Yalla ...replied The Management 
[With a slight accent]
Enough of the "kvetching already"
I've done the sums
and it's 365 Sabbath days’s gonna be a "REST-TEST"

But remember...
I... always keep my promises

So Peace... "peeps"
Hey it sure beats doing 70 years in Babylon ...don't it?
Lots of love ...YAH

A few of our Breakspear gang enjoying a well earned `REST` in the Negev desert 2015

Shabbat Shalom… Everyone*



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