What a pickle, what a pickle

oooooh.. What a pickle we are in
We’re all walking round like legal bandits 
Masks,masks covering the human race
We wear them for protection 
We wear them... just in case
Masks of fear 
For so long we’ve worn these invisible ones
to cover up man’s dis-ease
Now we’re beginning to reflect 
and reconsider the meaning of this state 

Meanwhile.. Nature leans over 
Groaning heavily
 As she listens in 
From her post paradise captive viewpoint 
Intrigued by man's RESISTANCE to take a REST
  For she is locked in too
She trembles
She aches 
To ask her longtime unanswered question 

Is this the generation of mature sons and daughters 
That will free us ...from our chains?

This mass Lockdown has got a lot of folk cogitating life’s bigger story. Including myself, causing me to delve deep into the Breakspear archives. This has proved to be a most sobering exercise – trawling through all those – seemingly far to early green shoots. Its as if these seeds – were given to us by the Lord prematurely, to be forerunner markers, then left to become dormant – left waiting in the dark background of history. Waiting for their true contextual time to break through and be reborn.

So I’ve dusted off a few items to share with you. I pray that they encourage you, to sharpen your prayers heavenward.

Here’s my first *FREE*offering, it’s called….

*The Secret*

After nearly 28 years, I am re-releasing this archive track.

Why at this time?

I have chosen to do so, to acknowledge and honour the “Creator” and specifically His creation. That which mankind calls the “Natural world,” appears to have entered a season of unexpected release. Could this be the birth pang of creations magnificent finale, which the Psalmist and Prophets spoke of millennia ago? Lyrically based on the imagery spoken of in psalm 148. It also embraces gleanings from the book of Job and Romans 8.  In essence the psalm calls for….

 All Creation- Man and Beast – to praise its Creator.

Originally recorded back in 1992 with my uber talented musical playmates Mat Wanstall (keyboard Wiz) and David Woodman (Thax man) With delicious vocals supplied by the lovely Eils Nevit (a.k.a. Miss-iles) Not forgetting the “other worldly “Job narration delivered by our very own sweet Irish imp Claire Stevens.

I’d also like to thank the following *TOP folks* who aided and abetted it’s gestation; Iggy Ingham, David Alty, Karen Duffy, Gillian Alty, Maggie Sewell, Martyn Pilling, Steve Duffy and Daniel ((DATman) Sharp.


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